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AwanaVerse "Hedgehog"

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In new version:In this updated version we added the registration and login functions, also you can play without internet connection.

AwanaVerse is a game for children and their parents who want to learn Bible verses. The game helps to memorize Bible verses according to internetional Awana programme through various games. AwanaVerse is a game for children beginning at age 5. The first game from the series AwanaVerse is developed according to the Hedgehog Awana handbook. In the process of game children will help the main characters to gather Bible pages scattered by the wind, they'll do it by learning verses. In between memorizing verses children will have an opportunity to play Memory game (the task is to find pared cards by turning them over, it trains visual memory) and 3-in-a-row game (the task is to move elements on the field so that to make a line of 3 or more elements. When the rock is broken - the card with a verse is open). After completing each level, opportunity to learn new verse opens.